Wine, Wine, and more Wine. Did I mention we’re tasting wine?…

11/13/17 S 35 17.00 E 133 50.00

11/14/17 S 34 50.00 E 138 50.00 Adelaide

11/15/17 S 35 42.73 E 137 57.27 Kangaroo Island

We met Ted and Nancy when we were at Tisa’s Beach Bar on Pago Pago and have been hanging out more or less since then, in spite of our differences in political outlook (we don’t discuss politics at all. Probably a good idea any time!). Ted’s birthday was last night and they had a dinner party. Best kind of dinner party: Nancy just called the maître d’ and said, eight of us for dinner, please! And Alan, our favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE bar waiter is opening the Mix bar for $4 martinis just for Ted’s party. Have I mentioned how much we like Alan?

Ted and Nancy at his birthday party.

Wonderful time, we ate and drank for about three hours and it seemed more like three minutes!

We spent yesterday in Adelaide and the Barossa—Aside: It’s named after a place in Spain or maybe Germany, nobody is really certain, except that it is definitely misspelled. Should be Barrosa. Oh well.—Valley, one of the better (BEST if you ask people who live in the Barossa Valley) wine producing areas in all of Australia, or maybe the world, perhaps even the universe. No, I have not been drinking wine today. Yet.

We had an independent tour of the city of Adelaide and the wineries of the Barossa Valley with Ted and Nancy and nine other like-minded friends. Our van had 11 people originally but two moved to the other bus for reasons unknown but it gave us more space. Very nice and informative guide, Paul, who also happens to be a good photographer so I enjoyed his banter and his photography ability.

After lunch, we stopped at the Largest Non-Rocking Rocking Horse in the World. I told you Aussies like their representations of very large things!

You can read all about the Rocking Horse here!
Randy and Ted climbed to the horse’s back.
Randy climbed all the way to the horse’s head.
Ted on the horse’s back, as seen from Randy’s viewpoint on the horse’s head.
Our lunch with Ted and Nancy was a pretzel and a flight of beer in the old German hotel in Hahndorf, near the Barossa Valley.

A tiring day with lots of driving interspersed with wine and sights. We got a view over Adelaide from the highest point (700+/- meters). It has changed considerably since our first visit in the early 90s. Still is a beautiful and walkable city.

A view of Adelaide facing more or less west.
Just a bit closer view (gotta get to use my telephoto lens!)
Even the smallest town has a Lest We Forget memorial. This is the one in Hahndorf.
Our driver/guide discussing the finer points of photography with some of our friends.
One of the wineries we visited, I don’t remember the name as it was not memorable!

And still makes great wine. We couldn’t visit the Yalumba Winery (our favorite) because the wine stops were already planned but it does make Randy and me want to have another driving vacation over here.

Wild koala in the tree on our way to Barossa Valley. (Original image is much lighter, don’t know why it darkens in my blog.)
Not too bad for a photo taken through the van window!

Today is Kangaroo Island (yes, it has kangaroos) but we were so tired from yesterday that we decided not to do anything. Good thing because it is cold, windy, and wet. It is so windy that the ship had to suspend the tender service for about 30 minutes because the ship was being blown so much it was dragging its anchor. Do you have any idea how heavy its anchor is? Me, neither, but it’s pretty heavy!

I had wanted to go to the Raptor Center on Kangaroo Island but not on a cold, windy, wet day. Randy and I are more and more wanting to plan another vacation to Australia! So many things we haven’t had time to do!

Onward to Melboure (wine tasting), Burnie (wine tasting!), Hobart, and Port Arthur. Then a sea day and disembarkation in Sydney on November 22, 2017. But we’ll get back on another ship, the Amsterdam, on the 25th. Ever onward!

Author: Pam

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