Meanwhile, at the Crocoseum…

10/23/17 S 27 26.49 E 153 04.16 Brisbane

10/24/17 S 22 25.10 E 151 26.35

Our sea day after Sydney was uneventful other than my and Randy’s cough, cough, hack, hack, achoo.

In Brisbane, the ship docks right down town, perfect location!

VERY close to the apartments!

I’m feeling somewhat better physically and much better overall after seeing our friends from the Sun Princess World Cruise of 2012: Wendy & Bob (who visited us two years ago), Donna & Steve (who have visited us twice—for some strange reason they seem to like the U.S., they’re coming back next year!), and Mary & Ian who just got off ANOTHER world cruise (they haven’t visited us yet, but we’re working on them!). All of them were so supportive of Randy when he was ill and they all knew Helen (also on the WC) who died of the same disease Randy had. I think they all never thought they’d see Randy again!

Wendy & Bob met us at the ship and drove miles and miles to take us to the Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin’s zoo, you know, the guy who fed crocodiles and got killed by a manta ray stinger to the chest). Absolutely wonderful zoo, right up there with the San Diego Zoo. We didn’t have a lot of time but we got the shuttle tour, walked about and fed the ‘roos, saw a barking owl on a keeper’s fist and a beautiful python with a black head (also held by a keeper), and then, at the Crocoseum, watched their free-flight show and croc feeding. The rain held off so it was a wonderful day at the zoo!

And of course, the croc part of Crocoseum.

This bird was trained to pick a $5 bill from a spectator and then return it to the same spectator

and very large vulture-types
Even cormorants
Lots of birds in the sho.
The mascot looks a lot like the UofA mascot.
Warming up the crowd before the show.
They gave prizes at the Crocoseum to the best chicken (chook to the Aussies) impression
Randy and a ‘roo
Bob & a ‘roo.
Hand feeding the ‘roos.

Tortoise feeding.
Some kind of boa.
A water dragon, loose in the zoo
This is a LIFESIZE replica of a saltwater croc!
Some of the local fauna.
With Wendy & Bob

Wendy also brought us a brochure from OutbackSpirit, the tour company we went with in 2008 on a camping safari from Darwin to Broome to Alice. Fabulous trip, now we’re thinking about doing something with them again.

Only bummer is that our phone is locked so we can’t use a sim card. In order to unlock we have to go online, fill out a form and wait for AT&T to contact us. Considering we’re in the middle of the ocean right now, that’s going to be difficult!

Author: Pam

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