Cough, cough, hack, hack, achoo!…

10/21/17 S 33 51.53 E 151 12.62 SYD

10/22/17 S 28 47.22 E 153 55.41

Why, yes, I do have a cold. Not terrible, just enough to make me not want to be around people. The last thing people on a cruise want is somebody coughing all over everything.

The view from our cabin with martini glass!
Another view from our cabin. Not too shabby!

So, I probably won’t go on our first opportunity—Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands—to try out the beautiful, high tech snorkels that Greg and Yolanda loaned us. Our next opportunity is Cairns but guess what? It’s the beginning of the box jelly season. Why is that of interest to us? Because the box jellyfish is one of the most lethal—yes, LETHAL—examples of jellyfish in the world. And how, you might ask, do we know it is box jelly season? Because the snorkel tours offered by the ship have the option of “stinger suits.” Seriously, Holland America expects me to sign up for a tour that offers stinger suits? You can’t make this stuff up!

But back to what we’ve been doing: Sydney and Brisbane. Both were catching-up-with-friends type days.

In Sydney, we reconnected with some of our favorite people, our son Greg and daughter-in-law Yolanda; and our old friends (Aside: they aren’t actually our OLDEST friends, just some of our we’ve-known-them-a-really-long-time friends; there needs to be an acronym for that category but WKTARLT doesn’t quite make it), Melinda and Ian. Lots of memories: the day we were in Sydney was Greg and Yolanda’s 16th anniversary; and we watched Ian and Melinda get married on 8/8/08 at 8:08pm after we had driven around OZ (Australia) for about eight weeks.

Melinda is a world-class foodie (in all the best senses of that word) and she shepherded us to a place for lunch overlooking Sydney bay (I know, I know, that isn’t a real place but we overlooked most of the water around Sydney and that’s what I call a “bay”) called Frenchy’s Cafe. Yum, yum, yum! Most of us had to get our second choice because they are so popular they run out of the favorites. But second-choice was awesome. I gotta start taking pictures of the food I’m talking about. My lunch was a quiche, but unlike any quiche I’ve had in like, ever: it was custard-y. Awesome. Delicious. I need a thesaurus to describe it any better!

Randy & Melinda
Greg & Ian

Then we went to George’s Head Lookout. Awesome! (We managed to get to Sydney on the day in-between the only two rainy days in over two months!) We could see most of Sydney harbor and because it was a weekend, there were lots and lots of sailboat races going on.

Sydney Harbor sailboat races; they have to deal with the ferries

All in all, an awesome (I must get that thesaurus so I can stop using “awesome” for everything) day with wonderful friends; one of whom had a beautiful red (of course) Porsche. That friend would be Ian, in case you wondered who would be the sports car owner. Melinda calls it “The Other Woman.”

On to Brisbane and more adventures around OZ!



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  1. So, if you find who gave you the cold….. throw them overboard…. because now I have it too. Love from us xx

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