Ow, ow, ow, ow, not going to try fire walking!…

1700 10/14/17 S 18 10.01 E 178 30.66 Dravuni

1700 10/15/17 S 18 10.01 E 171 36.29

1700 10/16/17 S 17 45.03 E 168 18.19 Port Vila, Vanuatu

1700 10/17/17 S 21 32.95 E 167 52.25 Tadine, New Caledonia

It’s kind of hard to know where the time goes! But go somewhere it does! Every day! We are now 3 days from Sydney and I have no idea where three weeks has disappeared to.

Dravuni and Tadine are “beach days” even though we are in port as there is absolutely nothing to do on shore except go swimming. We’re not too much for that so we just enjoy the balmy breezes. We did ride the tender (the small boat that is a lifeboat if necessary, holding 150 passengers, and a water taxi at other times, holding 90 passengers) in to each island so we can say we have gone ashore at each port! We have at times been on a tender that was packed (90) and I cannot imagine how they get an additional 60 people on it when it must be used as a lifeboat!

Port Vila was another story completely! We booked an independent tour (meaning not run by Holland America) with Atmosphere Tours that was called, and WAS, the ‘Round the Island Tour. Justin was our guide and he rocked! So glad we did that tour although the van they used had less leg room that the worst coach airplane ride I’ve ever had. Luckily it wasn’t full so we could spread out a BIT, not much, but sort of enough to avoid complete contraction of our leg muscles.

We got to see a lot of the island but best was going to a village where they talked about their life and did a few dances for us and—drum roll, please!—did a fire walk!

Demonstrating how they use natural materials
You can walk through some of the banyan trees

One of the “warriors”
Village fishing hook
Just a beautiful woman and her child
They use spider webs to help them catch fish
Entrance to the village
The fire walking hut
The chewed up leaves that will coat the bottom of the feet of the fire walker
A warrior spitting the chewed up leaves onto the bottom of the fire walker
Walking on fire
Spitting on the fire walker’s foot
The chewed up plant being left behind on the hot rocks
Getting ready to walk on fire
Beautiful coastal scene
For Survivor fans, that is Survivor Island

Showing how the eyes will show you where to hit it to break it open
Justin demonstrating how to husk a coconut
The local Tusker beer is quite good
Every coke bottle is stamped on the bottom with the name of the city of manufacture
His grandson does the narration now, he’s getting too old

WWII collector of Coca Cola bottles
One of our party dancing to the string band at lunch

Author: Pam

I am 76 years old, have been married for 55 years (all to the same man!), and we both love to travel. I am also a bit of a photo nut and you’ll usually see me with a camera in hand or hanging from my shoulder. Being an RN was my career (and raising 2 children to be awesome adults) and being a pilot was my husband’s career. Now, it’s travelling! By train, ship, car, RV (or campervan if you are Australian), and occasionally airplane—if we can’t get there any other way.