A food tour? After being on a cruise ship? Seriously?…

1700, 10/1/17 Position: N 23 34.08 W 147 29.47

1700, 10/2/17 Position: N 22 03.20 W 154 36.64

Much as I love cruising, by the time the fifth sea day in a row rolls around, it does get a tiny bit boring. There IS lots to do, from computer classes (Do More with Edge, Windows 10 Essentials, Store and Share with One Drive—do you sense a tendency toward Microsoft?) to Pickle Ball lessons to Hula and Ukulele lessons to Wine (and Beer) Tastings. There is also lots of music—tending toward 40s, 50s, and occasionally, 60s—and lots, LOTS! of food, of course; it IS a cruise ship after all. The Maasdam is a smaller ship, about 1300 passengers (I don’t have much internet access so I don’t know exactly how small it is), nowhere near the 6,500 passengers of the largest cruise ship and quite a bit bigger than the approximately 140 passengers on our Uniworld river cruise of a few years back.

We also have a few instructional lectures. Some are blatantly commercial (see my comments below on wasting paper) but a couple on every cruise are very good and intellectual. This cruise we have a guy, Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz, who worked on Mars rovers and is very knowledgeable but boring (plus he’s hawking his books). The other speaker is Judson Croft (who should be a PhD if he isn’t) who is speaking on the Ocean. Plus the technology of exploring the ocean. Plus the birds and islands and anything else even distantly related to the ocean. He is enthrallingly entertaining. Even when, as on the first lecture, all the computer tech completely failed so he had to talk for 45 minutes without his slides. And he was still entertaining!

There is no bridge instructor on this cruise so we haven’t participated in any card games. Nor have we gotten involved in Team Trivia. We have been walking the deck, Randy walks a lot further than I do.

Holland America wastes an immense amount of paper. Every day we get paperwork: ads for jewelry sales, art auctions, future cruises, specials at the spa/salon. Each one is on a separate piece of paper, not even double-sided usually. We do have a space in our wastebasket for recycling but still, what an enormous waste. Most of the stuff we don’t even look at, it just goes straight in the wastebasket (recycle area, of course).

Tomorrow we dock in HNL (Honolulu) at dock #2. Or maybe the other dock 2 (A) or the other dock 2 (B). We’ll know in the morning which one it is. And we’ll have our first actual tour, a “North Shore Food Tour” (www.HawaiiFoodTours.com) of HNL for about 6 – 8 hours. We’ll get a tour of the island as well as tasting local foods. I’m salivating already! Nevermind that we eat 16 times a day already, I’m always up for more food and drink!

Theater presentations
Hors d’oeuvres every night in the Neptune Lounge
More Neptune Lounge
Our Neptune lounge
3-storey atrium glass sculpture
Have to have art auctions
Lots of flowers, too
Lots of pretty glass decorations all over the ship
We keep our hands clean.

One of the bars
Computer access
More dining room.
Dining room, 2 stories
Loooooong hallways!
Maasdam Pool
Towel animals each night

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  1. Haha Pam, I am loving your posts. Princess also wastes a huge amount of paper. Every day there are pages of adds. I hope your “foodie tour” is wonderful. Lots of seafood? Can’t wait to read your report.
    Thanks again, very entertaining. Wendy and Bob ?

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