Nudity can be entertaining…

1700 9/28/17 Position: N 29 50.530 W 123 41.315

1700 9/29/17 Position: N 27 44.39 W 132 16.99

1700 9/30/17 Position: N 25 48.82 W 139 58.88

We are steaming—well, I guess nobody “steams” anywhere any longer!—across the Pacific at between 18 and 19 knots after leaving SAN about four hours late. We had to wait for fresh vegetables and fruits (are martini olives fruit or vegetable) to be boarded. The consensus of passengers we talked to (at the Crow’s Nest Bar, of course) was that the Captain would be mightily pissed that he had to depart late what with dock fees and then having to go faster (more fuel used)!

I am hoping that my computer is not about to give up the ghost. It tells me, when I start it up, that the fan is not working and it may shut down at any time unexpectedly. And we still have 79 days to go.

The internet is, as always on a cruise ship, problematic. It is never fast, often erratic (meaning one never knows if it will work at all), and generally not the quick and easy access I have at home. I tend to forget how much I rely on the internet: “OK google, how do I [fill in the blank]?” or on my Kindle, looking up a word definition, or finding out how serious my error message is, or getting a recipe—OK, OK, I’m not cooking for the next 79 days so I guess I don’t really need THAT!

We are taking computer lessons (no internet access on the Computer Lab computers; Bummer!) from Molly who is not, she says, a nerd. She can’t fix our phones or our computers, she just knows Windows10 inside out, upside down, and backwards. I’m mostly keeping Randy company but I have learned some interesting stuff from her.

The Lido is the casual restaurant on the ship. It’s near the pool and is pretty much just a buffet. It is also jam-packed at lunch time (and presumably at dinner, but I have zero desire to have a buffet with 750 of my closest friends for dinner. Especially when there are only 700 seats available!) and not everybody is as health conscious as we are! We like the Rotterdam dining room and have five very nice dinner companions at an international table: two Aussies (Betty & Joe), two Brits (Liz and David), and a Scot (I have forgotten her name and now can’t figure out how to ask her after having dinner with her for three nights). Betty is an artist, Joe is a minister, and last night we were practically rolling on the floor over her description of a nude painting she had done and had framed, belatedly discovering that the framer was one of her husband’s pastoral assistants and organist!

We are now four days into five-sea-days.

Our suite


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I am 76 years old, have been married for 55 years (all to the same man!), and we both love to travel. I am also a bit of a photo nut and you'll usually see me with a camera in hand or hanging from my shoulder. Being an RN was my career (and raising 2 children to be awesome adults) and being a pilot was my husband's career. Now, it's travelling! By train, ship, car, RV (or campervan if you are Australian), and occasionally airplane---if we can't get there any other way.

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  1. Oh I am so pleased someone else does that. (Forgets names) you will have to ask one of the others. Your suite looks very comfortable. (Note to self – buy another lotto ticket)
    We have been suffering through a heatwave through September, and today it is very cool with a promised deluge of rain. What is rain?
    I hope you are enjoying all those fresh fruit and vegetables!

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