An outlet, an outlet, my kingdom for an electrical outlet!…

The world is coming to an end: there aren’t enough electrical outlets!…

1700 PDT location: N 32 42.993 W 117 10.874 (we haven’t left San Diego yet. Still loading fresh fruit and vegetables before our five-day cruise to HNL (Honolulu, HI). Certainly don’t want to get scurvy!

We got on the ship with very little trouble, outside of the usual TSA hassles (and those of you who are 75+, on a cruise departure, TSA doesn’t recognize that you don’t have to take off your belt). It’s actually very confusing ‘cause they don’t make us take off our shoes but they do make us take off our belts.

It took a long time to get our suitcases, but all our smuggled gin made it! Yay! We went to the Crow’s Nest bar to celebrate! And got an education on the difference in ordering a VERY dry martini and ordering gin: about $2.50 per drink. Guess what, we’ll be drinking straight gin (in a martini glass, of course).

We are in a Neptune Suite, a very nice cabin with a huge (yuuge!) balcony and this will be our home for the next 55 days. Still only has three electrical outlets. Not two plugs per outlet, but THREE total electrical places to plug in!

This will be all I can post before we leave San Diego (at 2000, as of the last message from the Captplaain).

Author: Pam

I am 76 years old, have been married for 55 years (all to the same man!), and we both love to travel. I am also a bit of a photo nut and you'll usually see me with a camera in hand or hanging from my shoulder. Being an RN was my career (and raising 2 children to be awesome adults) and being a pilot was my husband's career. Now, it's travelling! By train, ship, car, RV (or campervan if you are Australian), and occasionally airplane---if we can't get there any other way.

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