So many cords, so little time…

How does time get away from me so easily? And why am I not able to easily organize the myriad of electronics we “need” to have with us?

There are cameras—three, yes, THREE between the two of us—and the chargers for said cameras, cords for the chargers for the cameras, extra batteries (all different, of course, why would we have cameras that all have the same batteries?), and three different battery chargers, of course. So that’s just the camera equipment. Well, not exactly ALL the equipment. I must have a flash attachment just in case the camera flash isn’t enough. And a remote for… for… well, just in case.

Then we have GPS so we can stand on our balcony at martini time and see EXACTLY where we are. And batteries for the GPS because of course they aren’t the same as the camera batteries. At least they are the same as the flash batteries.

Then we have a computer (so I can continue to write this blog for my tens fives several ardent fans). And a charger for that, too. And a portable hard drive so I can back up all the photos I’ll take with the aforementioned camera(s).

Don’t forget Kindles. These are kind of vital if you like to read and Randy and I do. We don’t have room to carry physical books to read for 82 days. So, Kindles are necessary. They don’t need extra batteries, but they do need cords to plug into something electric to keep them charged. Aside: To me the best thing about a Kindle is seeing a character name that you have no recollection of hearing about before, touching the name and up pops a location where they are first mentioned. Oh, yeah, NOW I know who that is!

Of course, we have to have our phones. Until about four years ago we had only one flip phone, no apps to speak of, and until about six or seven years ago we had NO portable phone at all. We have become so dependent on our “smart phones” that we can’t leave home without them. Well, I can’t leave home without mine. Randy, not so much but he does occasionally miss it when he leaves it home. Cords are necessary to charge the phones. And Randy’s charging cord is different than mine is. Sigh.

Last—I think!—is more electronic storage. I have SD cards for the cameras (thank goodness they all take the same storage medium), and a Micro-SD for the Kindle and a Micro-SD adapter so I could, if necessary, use it in one of the cameras.

Oh, yes, each of the chargers has to be powered. At least they all—ALL—take the same type of electric cord.

Almost forgot, we will be on a ship with US-type outlets (very few, mind you! Probably two outlets in our cabin. Total. Not two double plug outlets, just room for two items to be plugged in.) we will also be in Australia for a couple of days so we need an adapter.

Did I forget anything? It’s probably on the myriad of checklists we have. Now where did I put those checklists?

Author: Pam

I am 76 years old, have been married for 55 years (all to the same man!), and we both love to travel. I am also a bit of a photo nut and you’ll usually see me with a camera in hand or hanging from my shoulder. Being an RN was my career (and raising 2 children to be awesome adults) and being a pilot was my husband’s career. Now, it’s travelling! By train, ship, car, RV (or campervan if you are Australian), and occasionally airplane—if we can’t get there any other way.