Hello world!

Just starting out with my WordPress blog on traveling with my husband, both seniors who have been traveling for our entire 55 year married life. We do love to travel, especially cruising! We’ve been around the world and around South America on a cruise ship and a taken quite a few other watery and earthly voyages as well. I’ll be back soon with an update on our planning of a cruise from San Diego to Sydney and around Australia and then back home, all on a cruise ship. Lots of interesting things happen on a cruise and in the planning of a cruise. Stay tuned!

Author: Pam

I am 76 years old, have been married for 55 years (all to the same man!), and we both love to travel. I am also a bit of a photo nut and you’ll usually see me with a camera in hand or hanging from my shoulder. Being an RN was my career (and raising 2 children to be awesome adults) and being a pilot was my husband’s career. Now, it’s travelling! By train, ship, car, RV (or campervan if you are Australian), and occasionally airplane—if we can’t get there any other way.